Government Information Disclosure Online Application

In order to facilitate the people's convenient and quick access to government information, according to the division of responsibilities of the municipal government on the disclosure of government information, the municipal government's responsibility for the disclosure of government information on special businesses is uniformly performed by the relevant functional departments of the municipal government. Citizens, legal persons or other organizations applying for disclosure of government information related to special business of the municipal government according to law, please apply directly to the relevant functional departments of the municipal government.

Because the government information disclosure application involves a certain process, it is recommended that you query it through the search section of this website before officially submitting the government information disclosure application. If you do not find the government information you need, please submit an application for government information disclosure. Thank you for your support and cooperation!


In order to ensure that your application is correctly submitted and processed in a timely manner, please read the following tips carefully:

I. Citizens, legal persons or other organizations applying for the relevant government information according to their special needs for production, living and scientific research, please provide proof of their relevance to their special needs. If you need to apply for a reduced fee (for citizens only), please provide proof of reduced fees.

2. The government information applied for disclosure must be complete government information produced and maintained by the administrative organ. This administrative organ does not process the information by aggregating, processing or re-creating the information.

3. Items such as reports, complaints, consultations, suggestions, etc. do not fall within the scope of disclosure of government information in accordance with the application. Please submit relevant matters or reflect the situation through the "Mayor's Mailbox" section of the city government portal.

4. Please select the "Applicant Information" correctly. If you are applying for a legal person or other organization, you should not apply in the "citizen" status in the name of an individual such as "operator or client".

5. Please fill in the application form as required. The applicant's identity, contact information and other matters must be true and effective (with * are required / required options), and the information required is described as detailed and clear as possible so that you can receive feedback in a timely manner. We will keep your personal information confidential according to law!

6. Due to network transmission, software format, and hardware failure, the application submitted by you may not be transmitted to the receiving authority or the response of the receiving authority may not be delivered to you in time. Therefore, this system is only used as a supplementary service for convenience services. If you do not receive a response within 15 working days after you submit your government information disclosure application, please contact us in time (Tel: 0817-2226279). If this system cannot meet your application requirements, please submit your application by letter or other means.

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