Newly added temporary trains make it easier for the masses to reach Chengdu and Chongqing
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In order to facilitate passenger travel, the railway department has recently added a large number of trains. Nanchong will reach Chengdu, Chongqing and Suining, Guangyuan, Dazhou, Pakistan and other places, which will be more convenient.
According to the arrangements of the railway department, from now until December 8th, Chongqing will drive D5072 from Nanchong to Chongqing; Nanchong will drive D5074 from Chongqing to Beijia; Suining will drive D5026 to Yingshan and stop at Nanchong Station; From Dingshan to Suininga, D5025 cars were driven through Nanchong Station; from Chongqing North to Suininga, D5022 cars were driven to Nanchong Station; Chengdu East to Chongqing Beijia D5024 cars were stopped and Nanchong Station was stopped; Chengdu Dongzhiba China and Canada drove D5066 times and stopped at Nanchong Station; Guangyuan to Chengdu Dongjia D5036 times and stopped at Huangzhong Station and Nanchong North Station; Langzhong to Guangyuan D5039 times. In addition, from now until December 7, D5040 will be driven between Guangyuan and Langzhong.

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