High-emission machinery delimits prohibited areas
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In order to further improve the quality of ambient air and protect the health of the people, the municipal government has recently issued a "Notice on Delimitation of Prohibited Use of High Emission Non-Road Mobile Machinery". The notice will be implemented on November 17 this year and is valid for 5 years.
It is understood that the designated prohibited area is within the scope of the three districts under the jurisdiction of the city. The high-emission non-road mobile machinery referred to in the notice is the construction machinery equipped with diesel engines with emission standards of China and below (produced before October 1, 2009), mainly including but not limited to the following types of machinery: loaders, excavators, bulldozers, Road roller, asphalt paver, etc. Emergency rescue projects are not restricted by the above measures, but low-emission non-road mobile machinery should be preferentially selected.

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