Provincial People's Congress Delegate Joint Inspection of Economic and Social Development in Nanchong
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From December 9th to 10th, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People ’s Congress organized some National People ’s Congress and Provincial People ’s Congress representatives to conduct joint inspections on the economic and social development of Nanchong. Representatives of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China visited the Nanchong Chemical Industrial Park comprehensive hazardous waste disposal project, Nanchong Chemical Industrial Park refined terephthalic acid project, Jialing District Golden River Bank construction project, and heard a report on the economic and social development of Nanchong City.
Provincial People's Congress representative, former deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Zeng Shengquan, Provincial People's Congress representative, Municipal Party Secretary Song Chaohua, National People's Congress, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of the Municipal People's Government Wu Qungang, Provincial People's Congress representative, City People's Congress Standing Committee Yuan Xianfeng And representatives of the people's congresses of other countries and provinces to participate in inspections or reporting meetings.
During the inspection, the deputies to the people's congress went deep into the project construction site to learn more about the project's development planning, construction progress, and economic benefits. The refined terephthalic acid project invested by Sichuan Shengda New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. has a total investment of about 4.5 billion yuan and covers an area of 960 acres. The construction of this project can effectively promote the development of industries such as polyester resin, silk spinning clothing, auto parts, and bottle packaging in Nanchong.
The Golden River Bank Construction Project in Jialing District is connected to the Xihe Corridor in the north, Nanhu Park in the west, Pig Forest Pine Forest in the east, and Fengjing Mountain Scenic Area in the south. The project is based on "hydrophilicity, ecology, permeability, leisure, and people" Implementation of the requirements. Everyone said that the Golden River Bank project integrates ecological construction, tourism and vacation, and industrial cultivation into one. It will become the core circle of Jialing city and the "city living room", and it will become an important business card of Nanchong's urban style. The people will share the fruits of development.
After listening to the briefing, Zeng Shengquan said that through inspections, he deeply felt the good achievements of Nanchong's transformational development, innovative development and leapfrog development, and was full of confidence in Nanchong's grand goal of building the second city of Chengdu and Chongqing and striving for the province's economic deputy center. . Zeng Shengquan pointed out that the development of Nanchong must adhere to large projects, grasp large projects, promote more large projects, gather good projects to Nanchong, and promote high-quality economic development with project construction; to make determination to do a good job of county-level economic development, Nanchong Municipal Committee 2. The municipal government must make good plans, strengthen guidance, provide support, maximize the enthusiasm of the counties (cities, districts) for development, stimulate the potential of county economic development, and speed up the filling of county economic development weaknesses; we must pay attention to preventing and resolving major risks. Adhere to the bottom-line thinking, increase awareness of concerns, improve prevention and control capabilities, and effectively implement the detailed implementation of various tasks to prevent and mitigate potential risks, seeing practical results.
Yuan Xianfeng said that he hoped that people's congress deputies at all levels closely linked to the overall development of Nanchong, closely linked to the work of the municipal party committee center, provided more suggestions and wisdom, and worked hard to contribute to the construction of the second city of Chengdu and Chongqing in Nanchong and strive to create the provincial economic deputy center. It is hoped that deputies to the people's congresses at all levels will go to the grassroots to investigate people's conditions, ask people's needs, and solve their concerns, and put forward quality, insightful and actionable proposals for the actual situation of Nanchong development.
Wu Qungang attended the event as a dual representative of the National People's Congress and the mayor of the Municipal People's Government. Wu Qungang said that he will study carefully, sort out and implement the targeted suggestions made by the delegates, and turn them into effective measures for the development of Nanchong. The development situation in Nanchong is gratifying. The cadres and the masses in Nanchong are full of confidence in the future development. The cadres and staff of the city government system and the people of the city have made up their minds and worked hard to create a new situation for the development of Nanchong and contribute to the next step in the governance of Sichuan and Xingchuan.
At the report meeting, representatives of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China put forward relevant opinions and suggestions for the development of Nanchong around scientific and technological innovation, industrial prosperity, talent training, risk prevention, digital economy, and poverty alleviation.
Pan Guohua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor of the Municipal People's Government, participated in the inspection and made a report on the economic and social development of Nanchong on behalf of the municipal government.

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