Video and telephone conference on environmental safety management along high-speed railways in the province held
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On December 10, a television and telephone conference on environmental safety management along the provincial high-speed rail line was held. The reporter learned from the meeting that the environmental safety hazards in the high-speed railway and the red line of the railway line in our province will be rectified before January 10, 2020, to provide reliable security for the Spring Festival.

It is reported that the China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Company has initially identified various types of hidden safety problems along the province's high-speed rail lines. The railway departments will be responsible for the hidden dangers within the red line of railway land in accordance with the principles of "ownership management" and "ownership management". Local governments are responsible for rectifying hidden dangers outside the red line.

At present, there are 6 high-speed railway operating lines in our province, and the operating mileage has exceeded 1,200 kilometers. This meeting requires that our province will determine a specific list of rectifications before December 13, verify and claim the hidden dangers that each of them should be responsible for, list the rectification schedule, develop a rectification plan, implement work responsibilities, establish and implement reforms, and effectively eliminate high-speed rail. Security risks.

Deputy Governor Yang Hongbo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. (Yuan Chenglin reporter Luo Zhizheng)

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