"North Lake Memories" authentic "North Lake Scenery" pleasing to the eye
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The lake is clear and shimmering, and the pavilions, pavilions, and bridges in the park are flowing. On average, nearly 800 workers are constructing each day. All projects are completed on December 15th, and the equipment and facilities are in the commissioning stage. Floating rows are constructed to create unique light and shadow effects; The water area increased by more than 8,000 square meters, and the land area increased by more than 10,000 square meters.
On the morning of December 9, at the construction site of the comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading project of Beihu Park, there was a tense and busy construction scene everywhere. At present, the comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading project of Beihu Park has completed 95% of the total project volume, leaving only greening, paving and closing, and some building interior projects. According to the schedule, the project will be fully completed before New Year's Day in 2020.

New Year's Day presents beautiful North Lake Park
On the morning of December 9th, the reporter walked into the construction site of the comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading project of Beihu Park. On the large construction site, there were busy workers everywhere. Some were installing floating rows, some were planting flowers and plants, and some were laying floor tiles. Of debugging electromechanical equipment. Municipal and district-level project leaders, project Party Shunqing District Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, and project supervision, design, and construction management teams adhere to the construction site, coordinate and resolve problems arising during construction, check construction quality, and supervise construction progress.
The inspectors of the Municipal Party Committee's Target Performance Management Office also strictly inspected the scene. They held a construction schedule in their hands to check whether the construction tasks were completed on site and to check the number of people on site. "Carry on the New Year's Day time node, and insist on 'three shifts' inspections every morning, afternoon and night, and increase the frequency of inspections," said a responsible person of the Municipal Party Committee's Target Performance Management Office. (Next to version 2) (From next version)
A person in charge of the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau of Shunqing District introduced that in order to speed up the construction progress, front-line management staff walked around the park four times each morning, three times in the afternoon, and two times in the evening. At the end of the day, we have to walk nearly 10 kilometers in the park.
A person in charge of the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau of Shunqing District introduced that after more than 9 months of construction, replacement of the lake floor, expansion of the lake, renovation of facilities, and underground rainwater and sewage pipes and sponge systems have been completed. Trees and aquatic plants have been planted. The new restoration of the pavilions and pavilions has been completed, and the interior decoration of Jiminglou, Shuitianyisha, and Jiahu Academy is accelerating. According to the schedule, on the 15th of this month, all constructions of the Beihu Park Comprehensive Reconstruction and Upgrade Project will be completed, and then enter the commissioning of electromechanical, musical fountain, lighting, etc. Before the New Year's Day of 2020, Beihu Park will be open to the public. In order to achieve this goal, a special working class was established in Shunqing District to study how to speed up the construction of the project in accordance with the requirements of "works, fine arts, and works of art"; the leader in charge held a regular meeting on the site every day to coordinate and solve problems in the construction and summarize the work of the day , Arrange the work for the second day of deployment; the construction party insists on wall charting operations, arranging the procedures and reversing the construction period, and detailing each construction task to the day. At the same time, with sufficient manpower, all workers will be arranged in advance. On December 9, the number of construction workers reached 793.

Increase the area of exquisite gardens by 18,000 square meters
On the morning of December 9th, the reporter saw in the park that a beautiful park was bright, with rippling waves and clear bottoms; among the green trees, pavilions and pavilions dotted the way, all the wind and rain corridors will shelter the tourists. Shelter from rain.
According to reports, the comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading of Beihu Park increased the park area from more than 250 acres to 300 acres, of which the water area increased by more than 8,000 square meters and the land area increased by more than 10,000 square meters. In terms of landscape construction, the park's water, pavilions, corridors, pavilions, plants, etc. will be fully used to create a four-season landscape. The landscape feature of the Dongmen area is "spring charm", creating a spring landscape. The spring feature is reflected by planting cherry blossoms, begonias and other spring flowering plants; the landscape feature of the Ximen area is "Xia Shuang", which mainly highlights the splendid summer scenery; Nanmen area The landscape feature is "autumn fruit", and plants such as ginkgo, red beech, and pomegranate will be planted to create a characteristic autumn landscape; the northern gate area will be characterized by "winter bone", and four gentlemen such as plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum will be planted to highlight the winter landscape The characteristic botanical features in the plant. In addition, some selected trees and point-of-view trees will be transplanted, and the entire park will form a grand botanical garden, becoming an exquisite garden.
During the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of Beihu Park, special attention was also paid to retaining memories and digging into the culture of Beihu. In terms of retaining memories, all famous trees and trees in the park will be preserved, and the landscape of the lotus boy will also be preserved in its original flavor. In the past, the white marble railings on both sides of the bridge on the lake will also be re-used. Some pavilions insist on repairing the old ones as they are. When repairing the zodiac bridge in the park, the slope is reduced to make it easier for citizens to walk. The bridge railing is sandstone, which has weathered. This time it was replaced with granite, but the zodiac engraving on the bridge railing has the same shape, size and position as before. Another example is the Yueqiao, Wujiao Pavilion, Liuyun Pavilion, etc. Although the repairs have been carried out, the bridges and pavilions after maintenance are exactly the same as before.
While retaining the memory, the comprehensive renovation and upgrading of Beihu Park also focuses on innovation. A sister pavilion has been newly built. Visitors can quietly enjoy the scenery here; the new Jiusi Bridge is echoed with the current Jiu Kong Bridge, and the two bridges are the same size. , Shape and structure are completely the same. At the same time, some details of the two antique buildings of Shuitianyise and Jiminglou were renovated to add a sense of weight, simplicity and history.
Highlight innovation and increase the park's gardening sense. When comprehensively upgrading Beihu Park, a large number of landscape stones such as Taihu stone and turtle pattern stone were also placed around some islands; a reading gallery was added near Jiahu Academy, and The Jiahu Academy formed an echo, with benches set inside. Citizens are tired of visiting the park. They can rest here or read books to create Shuxiang Beihu. In order to facilitate the public to play in the park, two loops of inner and outer loops are set up around the park. Among them, the inner loop is a hydrophilic swim trail with a length of 1.6 kilometers and the outer loop is 2.4 kilometers. At the same time, a permeable concrete luminous runway is set up for convenience. Citizen exercise fitness.
This time the Beihu Park was comprehensively upgraded and upgraded. Another big highlight is the construction of a new musical fountain with a length of 126 meters, a width of 20 meters, and a fountain height of 18 to 20 meters. It is characterized by the use of mechanical principles. Lifted out of the water, and sank into the water when sprayed with mist. In terms of fountain effects, elegance, elegance and other effects will be highlighted to create water curtain light and water surface light and shadow special effects.
According to the plan, the main square will use copper plate carvings to display the new and old scenery of Nanchong; the new 3A-level public toilets will have hot and cold drinking water, maternal and infant rooms, a third toilet, and can also charge mobile phones. In order to prevent the dam dance from disturbing the rest of the public, the venue for the dam dance is planned uniformly. The sound is provided by the park management party and the volume is controlled by the park management staff.

Create a smart park for remote management
On December 9, the reporter saw in the Beihu Park that the lake had begun to store water. I saw that the water was crystal clear and rippling.
The treatment of the water environment is an important part of the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of Beihu Park. To this end, first-class domestic technology and construction units have been specially introduced. First, all the silt at the bottom of the lake has been removed, and the sandstones have been backfilled. Put another layer of waterproof blanket to prevent the mud from affecting the water quality. The waterproof blanket is covered with planting soil, planting aquatic weeds, and algae-eating insects, and constructing an ecological self-purification system of aquatic animals, underwater plants, microorganisms and other symbiotic systems to repair and maintain water quality. In order to facilitate water replacement and replenishment, the water replacement system of Beihu Park was repaired and improved. Once the lake is short of water, water can be diverted from the Jialing River in time.
In order to maximize the hydrophilicity of the public, gentle slope turf, landscape stones, stone staircases, etc. are also designed on the bank and bank of the park to build ecological embankments, fully emphasizing the ecological and environmental protection concepts. In addition, the lake extends eastward, bringing Wenhua Road and Beihu Road closer to the water surface, enhancing the external display effect of the water surface, and increasing the water area.
When comprehensively upgrading Beihu Park, it also made full use of the sponge city concept, and built a rainwater collection and treatment system to reuse rainwater. The treated rainwater can not only replenish the lake, but also can be used as landscaping and irrigation. With water.
This time, Beihu Park has been turned into a wisdom park. After the park is opened, the management staff can control the park's spraying facilities, fountains, etc. through the mobile phone APP, and know which landscape trees should be maintained.

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