Lowest temperature 4 ℃ Nanchong this winter or winter
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Along with a cold wave "quick freezing", Nanchong also joined the "warming" ranks. In the past few days, Nanchong experienced light rain and cold winds, and the temperature plummeted. On November 26, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast saying that Nanchong will continue to be accompanied by cold wind and rain this week, with a minimum temperature of 4 ° C and a maximum temperature of 11 ° C. Nanchong may officially enter the cold winter.
Yesterday, Nanchong was still drizzling, walking outdoors, and obviously felt the cold wind coming. In the morning, the reporter saw on the streets of Nanchong that the traveling citizens wore thick coats, even hats and down jackets. Monitoring showed that at 4 pm on the same day, the temperature in Nanchong's main urban area had dropped to 9 ° C, making citizens feel that winter had come.
According to the latest weather forecast issued by the City Meteorological Observatory on the afternoon of the 26th, Nanchong still has a lot of light rain and low temperatures this week. Among them, the weather was cloudy on the 27th, and the temperature was between 8-11 ° C; the light rain turned to overcast on the 28th, the temperature was between 8-11 ° C; the light rain on the 29th, the temperature was between 7-9 ° C; the 30th was Light rain turned overcast, and the temperature was between 6-9 ° C. On December 1, it became cloudy and overcast, and the temperature was between 4-11 ° C.
Although Nanchong has entered the fire and heating mode, but so far, it has not officially entered winter. Meteorological experts said that only when the average daily temperature was below 10 ° C for 5 consecutive days, it marked the beginning of winter in the meteorological sense. After the cooling, the cold air will continue to go south, and it is difficult for the temperature to rebound significantly. Therefore, it is very likely that Nanchong will officially enter the winter when the rainfall is cooling this week.

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