Announcement on Initiating Yellow Warning for Heavy Polluted Weather in Nanchong City
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According to the prediction of pollution trends, mild to moderate pollution weather may occur in our city from December 9. According to the "Emergency Plan for Heavy Pollution Weather in the Main District of Nanchong City", it was decided to start the yellow early warning of heavy pollution weather in the main district of Nanchong City at 12:00 on December 9. It is recommended to take appropriate protective measures:
I. Children, the elderly, and the susceptible people such as the respiratory system and the cardio-cerebral blood vessels should stay indoors as much as possible, and appropriate protective measures should be taken when going out.
Second, the general population should reduce or avoid outdoor activities. People working outdoors, on duty, working, and activities can take necessary protective measures such as wearing a mask and shortening outdoor working hours.
3. Promote green living for the public, save energy and reduce emissions. In the winter, the air conditioner can be appropriately lowered by 1 ~ 2 ° C.
4. Advocate green travel for the public and try to travel by public transport or electric vehicles.
V. Promote green consumption by the public. Units and the public should minimize the use of raw materials and products such as coatings, paints, solvents and other products containing volatile organic compounds.
6. Advocate that enterprises and institutions that emit air pollutants in the production process consciously adjust the production cycle, reduce pollutant emissions, and further improve the efficiency of pollution treatment facilities on the basis of meeting discharge standards.
7. It is prohibited to burn straw and set off fireworks in the main urban area.

Nanchong City Leading Group Office for Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Work December 9, 2019

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