Everything revolves around the project, twists the project, forms the tide of chasing after you and catching up
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In the past few days, Song Chaohua, the secretary of the municipal party committee, has conducted on-site investigations on the progress of major urban construction projects and major industrial projects. At the above rate, he has taken the lead in implementing the "front-line work method", checking progress on the spot, finding problems on the spot, and solving problems on the spot. On the afternoon of December 4, Song Chaohua went to Langzhong to investigate the progress of major social undertakings, emphasizing that everything should be revolved around the project, everything should be turned around, and adhere to the command of the military, map operations, accountability, and accountability. Work hard on the upsurge.
Nanchong Vocational College of Culture and Tourism, located on Qinghe Avenue, Langzhong City, is the only vocational college in tourism in the province. It is one of the "100 major events" in Nanchong and one of the "10 major events" in Langzhong. It is a major society in Nanchong One of the career projects. Song Chaohua was very concerned about the progress of the project construction. He came to the construction site and observed the project construction progress on the spot. However, seeing the newly-built multiple teaching buildings, student apartments and comprehensive buildings, administrative buildings, and libraries rising from the ground, more than a dozen construction machinery motors roared, waving their hands to dig earth and stone, leveling stadiums and college roads, showing the construction scene in full swing. .
"How much work has been completed now?" "Can it be completed in a long time?" "How well are the teachers ready?" Song Chaohua looked seriously and asked carefully. The responsible comrade in charge of the project introduced that the total investment of the project is 1.83 billion yuan, and the total investment is currently 1.15 billion yuan, 70% of which has been completed. Through the "Jialing River Talent Project" and other methods, 84 teachers have been introduced, of which 80% are graduate students and 19 associate professors. All teaching preparations have been fully completed, and the preparations for the inspection are basically ready.
"It is true to see!" Song Chaohua sighed on the spot: the image is good, the construction atmosphere is strong, and the check-in work is carried out in an orderly manner, which has laid a solid foundation for enrollment next fall. He pointed out that the comrades of the construction unit, the preparatory group and the on-site command team worked together to accelerate the construction of the project. In just nine months, the 280,000-square-meter building dried up, and a vocational college stood up to achieve The investment volume, physical volume, and workload "increased in three quantities", and created the "speed in the middle."
Song Chaohua emphasized that the project of Nanchong Vocational College of Culture and Tourism is not only a major social undertaking project, but also a major livelihood project, as well as a major cultural and tourism industry project. Langzhong City will promote this project as "No. 1 Project", "No. 1 Project" and "No. 1 Vote Project" to create good conditions for the project construction. It must be concerned about the availability of services, services, and guarantees. To further strengthen the cooperation, we will go all out to promote the high-standard and high-quality completion of Nanchong Vocational College of Culture and Tourism. We must ensure that the provincial acceptance check passes once. We must ensure that the enrollment starts in September next year. We must ensure that the number of students exceeds 10,000 by 2025.
Song Chaohua pointed out that today's special trip to investigate the Nanchong Vocational College of Culture and Tourism reflects the major and major projects of the project and the importance that the Nanchong Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach to the project. A century-old plan and quality first, in order to carry forward the "craftsman spirit", to produce works, produce fine works, produce art, we must put high-quality construction in the first place. Langzhong, as the leader of tourism in Nanchong, is also a famous tourist county in Tianfu. With the completion of enrollment of the Cultural Tourism College, it will definitely provide talent support for the development of the cultural tourism industry, which is conducive to promoting the development of the cultural and tourism industries. It is necessary to firmly conduct high-level cultural tourism. Vocational colleges have not wavered, making it another business card for Langzhong.
Song Chaohua requested that there is only one month before the welcome inspection. The hardware construction and software preparation tasks are heavy. We must aim at the completion of the project and the college welcomes the "two time nodes". Inverted schedule, sequential procedures, charge and sprint. With enough manpower and sufficient investment, be sure to work "5 + 2", "white + black", "clear + rainy", work overtime, and pick up the lights to fight at night, and fully promote the basic construction of teaching, construction of sports fields, installation and adjustment of teaching equipment and facilities, and teachers All major tasks, such as the deployment of strength and the preparation of basic information, must be carried out around the inspection. Everyone must think in one place, work hard in one place, twist into a rope, overcome difficulties, go forward, strive to be built early and achieve results early, and resolutely ensure that the provincial inspection and acceptance pass once, and help Nanchong's cultural tourism industry to accelerate development and high quality development of.
Song Chaohua demanded that all parts of Nanchong attach great importance to project construction, and form a strong atmosphere of big projects and big projects. It is necessary to advance the construction of major infrastructure, major industries, and major livelihood projects in the field, and help coordinate and resolve difficulties encountered in the construction. It is necessary to speed up the inspection and evaluation of project construction, and consistently implement, promote, and implement, and form a tide of enthusiasm for chasing after others. It is necessary to actively match the policies of the country and the province, to plan for major projects next year, and work hard to lay the foundation for development.
Lang Bin Municipal Party Secretary Zhang Bin accompanied the investigation.

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