Sichuan: Basically achieve human-grass-stock balance by the end of 2025
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It is expected that by the end of 2025, one third of herders in our province will switch to employment in the tourism and animal husbandry processing fields. On this basis, Quanchuan will complete 50 million mu (times) of grassland restoration and treatment, and increase the grassland comprehensive vegetation coverage by 6 percentage points, basically achieving the balance of grassland and livestock in the province. This was recently learned from the Provincial Forestry and Grass Bureau.

In order to achieve the goal, our province will adhere to the idea of “stepping forward” in cultivating new industry forms and ecological restoration in pastoral areas. In terms of industrial development, the two major industrial parks of grassland ecotourism and characteristic grass husbandry will be focused on. Specifically, it is to rely on the main traffic routes to form grassland landscape belts and tourism reception centers by planting grass, trees, flowers and supporting infrastructure, and to build modern industrial parks for animal husbandry by constructing irrigation facilities. It is estimated that by 2025, the total output value of the grassland tourism industry and animal husbandry in our province will reach 37 billion yuan and 150 billion yuan, respectively, 1.4 times and 2.6 times that of last year. In terms of ecological restoration, while reducing the intensity of human and livestock activities through the conversion of herdsmen, the deserted grassland and the mouse barren land were centrally managed to restore the grassland ecology, and the horizontal grassland ecological compensation mechanism was started simultaneously to remove the repair management and protection of dead ends. (Pu Xianglin reporter Wang Chengdong)

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