Nanchong publishes a list of 4 government pricing operating service charges
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In order to comprehensively deepen the reform of “decentralization and management services”, continuously improve the business environment, and further regulate the charging behavior, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently announced the “2019 Nanchong Municipal Government's List of Operating Service Charges with Government Pricing” (hereinafter referred to as the “List of Lists”).
According to the relevant person in charge of the Charge Management Section of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, there are 4 items in the "List of Catalogues" this time, which are: Charges for parking of motor vehicles; Charges for domestic garbage disposal (charges for urban domestic garbage disposal); Charges for housing property services in advance; hazardous waste disposal fees. All service charges listed in the "Sichuan Province Pricing Catalog" that implement government pricing or government-guided price management must be submitted for approval in accordance with the prescribed management authority and procedures. All charge items that are not submitted for approval must not be charged in any form. For service charges that are not included in the "Sichuan Province Pricing Catalog", market-adjusted prices are implemented, and the service unit will independently determine the charges based on costs and market conditions. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission will implement dynamic management of the Directory Listing.
According to reports, each county (city, district) has also established a list of operating service charges priced by the government at the same level as required. All receiving units (institutions) must strictly implement the system of publicity of charges. The specific contents of the publicity of charges include: the name of the receiving unit (institution), the items to be charged, the standard of charges, the unit of valuation, the basis of the charges, the scope of the charges, the nature of the charges, the number of complaints, etc.

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