Vice Governor Ye Hanbing goes to Neijiang to investigate public security work
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On December 9, Ye Hanbing, deputy governor, went to Neijiang to investigate public security work. Ye Hanbing and his entourage successively went to the Neijiang Dongxing Police Station and the Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate the situation of the public security work in Neijiang, and visited the Neijiang Public Security Police and police assistants.

Ye Hanbing emphasized that the next year will be the year of the completion of a well-off society. Neijiang Public Security will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist characteristics with Chinese characteristics. In the spirit, we will do our best to maintain national political security and social stability, and create a good environment for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. First, we must implement the benchmarking plenary session. Resolutely unify the thinking and action into the spirit of the Provincial Party Committee Plenary, the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and consider the plans for the future in light of the recent requirements of the National Political and Law Commission's National Urban Social Governance Modernization Conference. Second, we must sprint on benchmarking performance. Insist on problem cutting, result measurement, benchmarking and comparison of various work tasks this year, compact and compact responsibilities, and advance at full speed to ensure the successful completion of the closing task. Carry out "look back" around key work, and effectively investigate the shortcomings, make up for shortcomings, and strengths and weaknesses, and promote the overall improvement of various tasks. Third, we must blame the benchmark for stability. Accurately grasp the characteristics of the special situation of maintaining security and stability at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, thoroughly investigate and resolve all types of risks, strengthen the control of key groups, strictly prevent all types of risks from being transmitted to the field of political security, and make every effort to maintain national political security and social stability. Fourth, we must benchmark the overall situation and grasp development. The Neijiang Public Security work is planned and promoted to the height of the city's economic and social development and the overall development of the province's public security undertakings. It will further strengthen the sense of responsibility and responsibility, and constantly upgrade the work of prevention and control to escort local economic and social development. Fifth, we must make a good match against the team. The party committee of the State Council must fully implement the "one post and two responsibilities", firmly grasp the construction of party style and clean government, and further promote the strict and comprehensive management of the party's requirements for police administration; focus on the goal of revolution, normalization, and professionalization, and carry out the full police Practice military training, comprehensively improve the overall quality of the team, implement various measures to preferentially treat the police, and strive to forge a high-quality and excellent Neijiang Public Security Iron Army.

Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhanliang participated in the survey.

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