Nanchong builds the provincial cultural tourism deputy center
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In the process of striving to create the provincial economic deputy center, Nanchong proposed to build "six deputy centers", one of which is the cultural and tourist deputy center. On the 4th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism that the "Implementation Plan for Creating a Provincial Cultural Tourism Sub-center in Nanchong City" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") proposed that the advantages of Nanchong cultural tourism resources be transformed into industrial advantages, economic advantages, and Development advantages, realizing cultural tourism driving force, cultural tourism competitiveness, cultural tourism attractiveness, and cultural tourism service capabilities have been significantly improved. By 2023, the cultural tourism industry's output value strives to reach 160 billion yuan, and the number of tourist reception reaches 120 million. The indicator has doubled.
Culture is the soul of tourism, and tourism is the carrier of culture. To create the provincial cultural tourism deputy center, Nanchong loudly proposed to polish "General Hometown · Red Culture" "Historical City · Three Kingdoms Culture" "China Silk Capital · Silk Culture" "Impression Jialing "Ecological Culture" "World Ancient City · Spring Festival Culture" five cultural tourism business cards.
The Plan explicitly proposes to deepen the integration of cultural tourism, such as implementing cultural heritage revitalization projects, advancing archaeological surveys in the Nanchong section of the Jialing River Basin, and building a number of demonstration projects for the protection and display of cultural relics. Develop non-heritage resources such as puppetry, silk carpet weaving skills, shadow puppets, and bamboo weaving, and establish a number of non-hereditary bases. Inherit and innovate the historical and celebrity culture, promote the "Longzhong Spring Festival Customs" to declare national and world intangible cultural heritage; implement literary and artistic creation exhibition projects, support the creation of fine works and major theme creations, and introduce a batch of features that reflect Nanchong, contain the charm of Sichuan, and reflect China Fine arts and fine arts. Accelerate the construction of Nanchong Asia-Pacific International Puppet Shadow Play Base and World Puppet Theme Park, build a platform for the dissemination and display of outstanding works, actively promote the export of cultural products, and strive to create a national cultural export base; implement cultural and tourism integration and innovation projects, and promote cultural tourism and rural revitalization, new types Urbanization, county economy, and other integrated developments, as well as fostering "moonlight industries" such as nighttime cultural performing arts, nighttime tourism and sightseeing, nighttime catering services, and night shopping exhibitions, and develop unique handicrafts, time-honored products, and cultural, cultural, cultural, cultural, and cultural innovation products.
The establishment of the province's cultural tourism deputy center is inseparable from the support of the project. The "Plan" also proposes to plan and package a number of heavy and large cultural tourism projects, and to attract and attract domestic and foreign heavyweight cultural tourism groups and cultural tourism brand enterprises; accelerate the construction of tourist distribution centers and distribution points, the city's tourism information service center, and "smart cultural tourism cities" "Smart tourist attractions", tourist toilets; reconstruction and expansion of the Gaoping Airport terminal, construction of Langzhong Airport, promotion of the construction of Hambanan and Chengnan Dawan high-speed rail, and strive to enter the road network planning of the Miannan and Nanguang neighboring Lincheng intercity railway Speed up the expansion of Chengdu-Nanjing Expressway and the construction of Nanchong Transit, Funeral Battalion, and Nanxun Expressway.

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