Continuously strengthen the team and individual self-development, write the original intention in action, and put the mission in the post
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On the afternoon of December 4, Wu Qungang, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, the mayor, and the party secretary of the municipal government, presided over the convening of a democratic educational conference on the theme of "the party's not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission".
At the meeting, members of the municipal government's party team carried out a deep self-analysis, and frankly and sincerely conducted mutual criticism.
In his speech, Wu Qungang demanded that the party group of the municipal government should thoroughly study and implement the important instruction requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the theme of education, earnestly implement the requirements of the speech of the municipal party committee secretary Song Chaohua at the special democratic life meeting of the municipal party committee standing committee, and continuously strengthen the team and individuals. The self-construction of the city should actually write the original intention in action, put the mission on the post, and set a good example for the party members and cadres of the municipal government system.
Wu Qungang requested that he must persist in cultivating party spirit, fostering his original heart, and be more politically determined; must adhere to deep learning, meticulous deeds, and be more theoretically sober; he must adhere to daily advances, new and hard work, and be more powerful in his role; We must always keep in mind the purpose and be devoted to the people, and be more sincere in nature; we must adhere to honesty and self-discipline, set an example, and be more competent in style; we must insist on continuous reform, continuous rectification, and it is more obvious in effectiveness. It is necessary to consolidate and make good use of the results of this special democratic life conference, and constantly turn the original mission into a spirit of determination, pioneering and innovative spirit, and a conscious effort of hard work and hard work, for the construction of the second city of Chengdu and Chongqing in Nanchong, Strive for the province's economic deputy center to contribute more power.
Members of the municipal government party group attended the meeting.

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