Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Nanchong City on the spot check of the government's website and new government media in the fourth quarter of 2019
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County (city, district) people's governments, relevant departments of municipal governments, and relevant units:

According to the requirements of the General Office of the Provincial Government regarding the supervision of government websites and new government affairs media, the municipal government office organized the inspection of government websites and new government affairs media in the fourth quarter of 2019, and inspected government websites and government media with outstanding problems in the third quarter. The new government affairs media conducted a review, and the relevant situation is now notified as follows.

I. Overall situation

As of November 30, 2019, 45 government websites were running in our city. Among them, there are 36 municipal government portal websites and municipal department websites, and 9 county (city, district) government portal websites.

As of November 30, 2019, there were 326 new government affairs media running in the city. Among them, there are 119 government affairs Weibo, 198 government affairs WeChat, 9 mobile clients and third-party government affairs applications.

In the fourth quarter, the municipal government office relied on a third-party professional testing agency to conduct a comprehensive coverage inspection of 45 government websites and a random inspection of 326 new government affairs media. After review, 22 websites with outstanding problems and 17 new government affairs media with outstanding problems were found to be operating normally.

Second, the main issues

(I) The inspection of website information content is not strict. There are 10 government websites in Shunqing District, Gaoping District, Langzhong City, Nanfang County, Yilong County, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, and Municipal Justice Bureau. The "three-trial" responsibility system for the preliminary review of the person responsible for filling in information, the review by the person in charge of the department, and the review and release by the leader in charge has not been strictly implemented. There are important text errors, misrepresentations, and other problems in the information released.

(2) The daily operation and maintenance supervision is not in place. Websites such as Shunqing District, Jialing District, Nanfang County, Xichong County, Municipal Economic Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Bureau did not do a good job in content protection, resulting in more blank columns. The website information of the Municipal Real Estate Administration, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Commission, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission are updated less frequently, and there are multiple columns that should be updated for a long time. Update and other issues.

(3) Websites such as policy interpretation, interactive communication, and office services are not complete. Some website policy documents have a lower interpretation ratio and a single form, and their readability and practicability need to be strengthened. Some websites do not have policy interpretation columns, such as the Nanchong Housing Provident Fund website, the Nanchong Public Security Bureau portal website, the Nanchong Public Security Traffic Police website, the Nanchong Economic Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Bureau website, the Nanchong Forestry Information Network, and the Nanchong Emergency Management Bureau website. . Some website policy documents have poor correlation with interpretation, which is inconvenient to view. The construction of interactive communication channels is imperfect, and online real-time intelligent interactive functions need to be improved. The website of the Audit Bureau of Nanchong City does not provide an effective online advice channel. Some website service guide elements are missing and the content is inaccurate. The website of Nanchong Letters and Calls Bureau, Sichuan Nanchong Economic Development Zone (Nanchong Chemical Industrial Park) Management Committee website and other websites do not provide office services.

(4) The domain names and logos of the websites of individual units are not standardized. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Nanchong City lags behind in promoting the standardized management of website domain names. Nanchong City Housing Provident Fund Network, Nanchong Public Security Traffic Police Network, Nanchong Government Service Network, Nanchong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Information Network, Nanchong Civil Affairs, Nanchong Municipal Development and Reform Commission, etc. Signs, public security organ record numbers, website identification codes, contact information, website organizers and other important signs.

(5) New government affairs media are not updated in time. The Civil Affairs Bureau “Nanchong Civil Administration” government affairs WeChat, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau “Innovative Nanchong” government affairs Weibo, the Municipal Commerce Bureau “Nanchong Business Grain” government affairs Weibo, the Xichong County People ’s Government portal “Weixichong” today ’s headlines and other new government affairs The media account is not updated for a long time. Scanning of WeChat and Weibo QR codes of Red Shield Information Network of Nanchong City could not be accessed. The two-dimensional QR code of the government affairs microblog of Nanchong Culture Radio and Television, Tourism Government Affairs Network, and the People's Government of Nanfang County is not true. Scan it out as the WeChat public account. The interactive communication column in the "Weigaoping" government affairs WeChat portal of the Gaoping District People's Government of Nanchong City took more than 5 working days to reply to the letter.

Third, the next work requirements

(1) Conduct special inspections on benchmarks. All localities and departments should strictly check the inspection and evaluation index requirements stipulated in the “Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Nanchong Municipality on the Inspection and Supervision of Websites and New Media of the Municipal Government” (Nanfubanhan [2019] No. 70), combined with this notification. We must carefully check the omissions, make quick rectifications, and ensure that the government website and government affairs new media management requirements are implemented one by one. The municipal government office will conduct a special inspection on government websites and new media with outstanding problems in the near future. If the rectification is not completed on schedule, the year-end assessment will deduct the corresponding points strictly in accordance with the performance management regulations.

(2) Speed up the intensive construction of government websites. All localities and departments should prepare the required resources in advance according to the requirements of intensive construction of government websites, carefully sort out the website columns and interfaces, and do a good job in time to ensure that the city's government resources are optimized and integrated, data is mutually recognized and shared, and management is coordinated. .

(3) Accelerate the cleanup and integration of new government affairs media. In principle, a unit can only open one government new media account on the same platform. New government affairs media with similar functions, low user attention and low utilization rate shall be cleaned up and integrated; those with unclear function positioning, long-term non-updated information, non-interaction and no service, and inadequate supervision and management shall be resolutely shut down; due to institutional adjustments For reasons that require new government affairs media to be opened, changed, closed, or cancelled, they must be adjusted in time in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

Relevant counties (cities, districts) and relevant municipal departments must attach great importance to the existing problems, take the time to implement rectification item by item, and report the rectification situation to the municipal government office in writing before December 30th. Contact person: Zhu Mingxiong (Chief of E-Government Section, Municipal Government Office), Tel: 0817-2259975, 18582180288, Address: Room 539, No. 1 Office Building, Municipal Government.

Attachment: 1. List of government websites found to have prominent problems in the fourth quarter of 2019

2. List of new government affairs found in spot checks in the fourth quarter of 2019

Office of the People's Government of Nanchong City

December 4, 2019

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