Sichuan regulates the selection of government procurement review experts
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——Purchasers need to be on-site to supervise and save the results for 15 years.

In order to further regulate the government procurement review expert extraction behavior, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance issued a “Notice on Strict Government Procurement Review Expert Selection Work” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”) to comprehensively strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement review expert selection. The "Notice" particularly emphasizes that the results of the review experts' extraction should be archived as procurement documents and kept for 15 years. The monitoring expert's video of the extraction process shall be copied and archived in time, and kept for at least 5 years.

The "Notice" clearly states that the government procurement review expert extraction terminal must be located in the financial department, and that a person responsible for government procurement review expert extraction is specified, and the supervision and management responsibility is fulfilled. The review expert's extraction records and monitoring video recordings should be checked at least once a week at random. Improve the spot check records.

It is reported that for the selection of review experts, the purchaser should appoint a supervisor to take charge of the review expert extraction work. If the supervisors are not present, the review expert selection shall not be performed. The supervisors shall perform their duties and supervise the extraction and printing process on the spot. After each extraction is completed, a sealed printer must be used for sealed printing. After printing, you must click the extraction terminal system's "Confirm Printing Success" button to end the printing task, and confirm whether to adopt a sealed printer sealed printing or end the printing task on site. At the same time, the establishment of a printout of the abnormal record ledger, which is printed more than twice (including twice), shall be recorded to explain the reason, and signed and confirmed by the supervisor of the purchaser. Supervisors are responsible for the custody of the results drawn by review experts before the on-site review. It is strictly forbidden to check the results of review experts in advance.

It is understood that, after receiving this notice, the financial department with the authority to extract shall immediately carry out self-inspection and self-correction work to improve the internal control mechanism. The financial departments of each city (prefecture) shall strengthen the inspection and guidance of the implementation of the requirements of this notice by the financial departments of the counties (cities, districts). The full coverage of inspection and guidance shall be achieved within one year. If the supervision and management measures are not in place, they shall be urged to implement rectification and rectification. If it is not in place, report it to the Provincial Department of Finance to shut down its appraisal expert extraction terminal, and report the development of the local government procurement appraisal expert to the Ministry of Finance before the end of December every year. The Ministry of Finance will conduct a random check on the implementation of the selection of experts from cities (states) and counties (cities and districts) each year. ) ( Reporter Li Zirong )

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