Improving the Responsibility of Compacting Political Stations to Promote the Quality of Ecological Environment in the Nanchong Section of Jialing
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On the afternoon of December 10th, Gu Zhengju, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to go to Gaoping District to conduct on-site scheduling and hold a symposium on the rectification of the ecological and environmental problems of the Nanchong section of the Jialing River. He emphasized that it is necessary to improve political standing, compact and compress responsibilities, and push the ecological environment quality of the Nanchong section of the Jialing River to a new level.
In the afternoon of the same day, Gu Zhengju went to the site along the Luoxi River, a tributary of the Jialing River, to rectify ecological problems.
At the subsequent forum, Gu Zhengju demanded that rectification of outstanding ecological environment issues be a major political responsibility. Relevant departments at all levels should fully understand the urgency and arduousness of rectification work, and must improve their political standing and rectify it. Thoughts and actions are unified into the relevant decisions of the municipal party committee. With the sense of crisis of "stabbing in the body like sitting on a needle felt," grasp the rectification and take the effect of rectification as a touchstone to test whether the "four consciousness" is strong or not, and "two maintenances".
Gu Zhengju demanded that it must be resolutely and thoroughly sold for rectification. Regarding the problem of transfer, we must implement it in accordance with the established plan, focusing on improving the pollution treatment capacity, improving the sewage pipe network, and cleaning up surrounding construction waste. Complete rectification in place. Be sure to check the rectification and make inferences. The three districts under the jurisdiction of the city shall comprehensively investigate the ecological and environmental problems in the area under their jurisdiction, focus on the investigation of industrial wastewater and agricultural non-point source pollution, and further sort out the list of issues and responsibilities. Be sure to compact and compact the responsibility for rectification. Insufficient attention, ineffective measures, and poor results should be notified and criticized for effectiveness and accountability. At the same time, supervision and management should be strengthened. Exposure reminders and warning interviews should be given to those who lag behind to ensure that the quality of the ecological environment in the Nanchong section of Jialing is promoted to a new level. Stairs.

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