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In accordance with the requirements of national and provincial government affairs disclosure and e-government construction, combined with the construction of the city's open government, the Nanchong City government portal has upgraded the website functions in 2018, optimized the website pages, added intelligent search and response, and accessible browsing. Functions, website service capabilities have been further enhanced, and will play a greater role in further improving government work transparency and administrative efficiency, strengthening external publicity, guiding online public opinion, and facilitating public participation in economic and social activities.

Functional Positioning of Nanchong City Government Portal

Adhere to people-oriented, public-centered, serve the public and enterprises as the starting point and destination, adhere to the three major functional positioning of "public information disclosure, online services and public participation", and strive to build a service-oriented government network platform, making it a Nanchong The municipal government's "general channel for information disclosure, general window for administrative services, and general platform for public interaction."

Clients of Nanchong City Government Portal

Adhere to the people-oriented, public-centered, and focus on the three types of functional orientation of government information disclosure, online services and public interaction, to provide content, services and services for the five major service objects of residents, enterprises and institutions, investors, tourists and civil servants of party and government agencies. The interactive function design fully meets the needs of the public, enterprises and institutions.

Column Setting of Portal Site of Nanchong Municipal Government

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In accordance with the "people-oriented" design philosophy, around the three major functions of open government affairs information disclosure, online services and public interaction, we have established channels such as "open government affairs", "services", "political interaction", "charm Nanchong", and "open Nanchong".

Office services

It is integrated with the provincial government service integration platform, providing services for individuals, legal persons and other services, while publishing a list of rights and responsibilities, and using various methods to provide services such as themes, hot spots and convenience.

Full Text Search

The municipal government portal website is equipped with a full-text search system, which provides an effective search channel for users to use information on the municipal government website.

About opinions, suggestions, consultations and complaints

Comments and suggestions

There are better opinions and suggestions on the construction of Nanchong Municipal Administration, please leave your comments and suggestions in the "Suggestions and Suggestions" and "Opinion Solicitation" columns.

2. Consulting and complaints

For inquiries and complaints, please go directly to the municipal government portal website "I want to ask questions" and submit.

3. Mayor SMS platform

Through the website "Mayor's SMS" platform or send information to 10639789, to provide suggestions and suggestions for the development of Nanchong City, and to give opinions and suggestions on government work.

New technology adopted by the website

The website has deployed an intelligent response and accessible browsing system. You can enter keywords in the "smart answer" to obtain relevant information; you can click "accessible browsing" to enter the accessible browsing mode.

Special file types for websites

Office documents and forms download (* .doc, * .xls)

The website form download basically uses the general Word document (* .doc) and Excel document (* .xls) format. Please confirm whether you have installed Microsoft Office software. For large or multiple sets of documents, * .zip or * .rar compression formats may be used to reduce your download time. Winrar decompression software is recommended for decompression.

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