The Eighth Plenary Session of the Sixth Session of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed that the "nine battles" should be carried out unswervingly, focusing on building a "5 + 5" modern industrial system, accelerating the implementation of "5 + 100" major projects, and achieving ", Striving for the province's economic deputy center" goal laid a solid foundation.
Nine battles-Unswervingly fight the "three battles" of poverty alleviation, pollution prevention, and risk prevention and control; unswervingly fight the project construction, opening up, reform and innovation "three outbreaks"; unswervingly fight well There are "three protracted battles" for governing officials, upholding discipline and punishing corruption.
"5 + 5" modern industrial system-cultivate and expand the "five hundred billion industry clusters" of auto parts, oil and gas chemical industry, silk spinning clothing, modern logistics, and modern agriculture; accelerate the development of electronic information, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, Energy saving and environmental protection “Five Ten Billion Strategic Emerging Industries”.
"5 + 100" Major Projects-Vigorously implement the "Five Major Sector Major Projects" in urban construction, transportation hubs, education, culture, health, tourism, industry, and industrial parks, and focus on implementing the "100 Major Events".

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